A type of Acrylic strong base anion resin for cane sugar decolorization

Usually the raw sugar syrup is yellow and dark colored, and before further crystallization to white sugar, it will always need the process of color removal.This used to require the active acrbon for decolorization, however,now there is strong base anion resin which can replace caron for decolorization with higher efficiency, better performance and can realize clean production, and also the resins can be regenerated for many times in operation, so using resins for decolorization is more cost effective. 

SEPLITE ® LXA 958 is a highly cross-linked resin in the form of White-cream spheres. It is designed particularly for removing color substances from highly colored liquid sugar solution. And certainly to be used for deionization of sugar solution together with LXA 983 that is SAC resin.Ion exchange method of decolorization has been proved to be more superior than activated carbon.

With the Matrix of acrylic, SEPLITE ® LXA 958 provides wonderful adsorption and desorption performance for large organic molecules due
to its pore structure.



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