Sunresin's ion exchange resins for metals removal from electroplating wastewater

Ion exchange resins for heavy metals removal from electroplating wastewater 
Wastewater from metal finishing or electroplating industries contains high concentrations of metals contaminants, like Nicke, Zinc, Chrome, Cooper
and etc, these heavy metals are hazardous to the environment and human, thus it can not be discharged directly to the nature. 

Sunresin produces a series of chelating ion exchange resins, which are with very good performance for metals removal from electroplating wastewater. 
The main types are for: Nickle removal, Chrome removal, Cooper removal. With their special structure and high selective to the metals in certain condition,
the resins are with very good effect for adsorption of the metal ions. With high regeneration efficiency and strong bead strength, the resins are with long
lifespan in operation. 



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