Sunresin's ion exchange technology for lithium extraction from brine

Recently, Sunresin company and Shaanxi Membrane Separation Technology Institute made the mutual investment agreement to set up the new company that will specialize in R&D, manufacturing and sales of ion exchange resins and membrane for lithium extraction from brine in salt lake. The two companies will fully cooperate and take both technical advantages to form the core technology for lithium extraction. 

The new joint company will be the leading and comprehensive platform for lithium extraction from brine. Now the pilot project of  lithium carbonate extraction in Cold Lake,Qinghai province of China has been put into regular operation, the high purity lithium carbonate has been successfully extracted already. This marks Sunresin company has taken the important step of industrialization the core technology of its ion exchange resins and related separation equipment system for lithium extraction.

Metals Extraction by IX technology is the important strategic sector of Sunresin business, since after the company's the Gallium extraction technology developed, its lithium extraction has gone into the fast development phase. Besides lithium, Sunresin will also continue to develop and optimize its resin separation technology for Nickle, Rhenium,Rubidium,Caesium and other metals extraction.



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