Selective resins for brine purification for ionic membrane caustic soda production

SEPLITE LSC750 is a weak acid, macroporous, chelating resin with amino phosphonic acid groups.This structure is good for the chelating with heavymetal ions.Compared with the chelating resin with amino carboxylic acid groups, resins with amino phosphonic
acid groups are much easier to chelate with certain cation ions.

SEPLITE LSC750  is more suitable for removing of the heavy metals like
Ca2+,Mg2+,Sr2+,Ba2+,Ni+ etc thus to fully purify the second brine during production of membrane caustic soda.

For SEPLITE LSC750 resin,it enjoys the advantage of below:
1.Superior mechanical and excellent resistance to osmotic shock, good mechanical strength,
2.Low loss, lesstopping annually, stableKinetics performance
3.High chelating capacity,high chelating capacity leads to bigger amount of brine treated per cycle
4.More uniform for particle size,excellent running kinetics during regeneration

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