A type of weak base anion resin for Hexavalent Chromium Removal from wastewater

Hexavalent chromium (Cr6+)is one of the chemical forms of chromium, which can be present in different forms in the environment,especially it will dissolve in water in the form of CrO4 2-.  Hexavalent chromium is very toxic, it may be a human carcinogen if ingested.

Usually there are certain methods for Hexavalent Chromium removal, like: electrodialysis,precipitation, active carbon adsorption, ion exchange etc. In which, ion exchange technology is considered as the more economic and highly efficient way for Cr6+ reduction. 

Sunresin produce a type of premium grade polystyrene macroporous, weak base anion resin MA940 which is highly selective to Hexavalent chromium.The resin is with higher working capacity for adsorption of Cr6+ from water and wastewater, like for Cr6+ removal from effluent in leather manufacturing, metal finishing,chromium plating etc.

The Seplite MA940 is very tipical anion resin which is with higher adsorption capacity, the outstanding performance on regeneration efficiency.With its strong matrix also ensures very good features for resistance of osmotic shock.After treated with MA940 resin, the Hexavalent chromium can be reduced to lower and safe level. 

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