Chelating resin for Electroplating Wastewater Treatment

There are always heavy metals residuals like: Nickle, Cooper,Mercury, Chrome, Cadmium,Zinc etc in the acid rinse water from process of electroplating, 
coating, metal finishing and etc.These metals are hazardous substances if discharged directly to the environment which will cause serious harm to human.

There are usually a series of technologies that can remove the metals from waste stream, Ion exchange(IX) is proven to be the very cost-effective technology for removing the metal ionic contaminants from industrial wastewater, especially for Electroplating Wastewater.

Sunresin produces a series of premium grade selective ion exhcange resin which is specially used for removing heavy metals such as Nickle, Cooper,Mercury, Chrome,Zinc etc from industrial wastewater, The resins are with very good selectivity to the metals and with higher working capacity during the treatment. By resins treatment, the target
metals content in the wastewater can be highly reduced to under limit level so as to meet the discharge requirements and achieve the water quality level needed for reuse and recycling.

Sunresin is China's biggest ion exchange resins solution provider for special applications. 



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